What kind of light is an OTT light?

What is so special about OttLite?

What makes it so special? The OttLite lamps emit a “Natural Daylight” which allows you to see clearly with accurate color and without squinting. Reducing eyestrain is pretty important to those of us who end up staring at something for hours at a time.

What kind of light is an OTT light?

OttLite has developed specially designed lamps that are equipped with OttLite bulbs to provide Natural Daylight Illumination. Dr. John Ott, founder and inventor of OttLite, researched alternatives to artificial lighting and the affects that different wavelengths of light have on health.

Is an OTT light a UV light?

Shown to kill up to 99% of viruses, bacteria, mold and fungi, OttLite’s new UV cleaning devices feature proven ultraviolet light disinfection technology to rapidly clean your phone and other personal items, as well as surfaces like desks, tables and even restaurant menus.

Are Ott lights led?

Healthy LED From our high quality and feature rich LED styles to the new ground-breaking OttLite ClearSun LED that is proven to reduce eyestrain by 51%, OttLite is committed to staying on the leading edge of lighting to bring the power of natural daylight indoors.

Can you replace bulb in Ott light?

Ottlite doesn’t make replacement bulbs for their older (but not old) lights. They reconfigured the bulbs which no longer fit their products.

Are Ott lights good?

OttLite provides the best of both – the precise balance of contrast and brightness that allows you to see details clearly and colors accurately. Now the eye can see and focus without the harsh glare, distortion and fatigue other light sources cause. It’s like natural daylight indoors!.

How long do Ott light bulbs last?

OttLite CFL bulbs are rated to last up to 10,000 hours. Our LED lights are tested to last up to 40,000 hours.

Who owns OttLite?

John Ott, a photobiologist and pioneer in the area of natural light research who worked for Walt Disney, founded the business 30 years ago in Baltimore. OttLite moved to Tampa in the 1990s; in the ensuing years, Prism Capital Partners, a Chicago private equity firm, acquired the company.

Where is OttLite manufactured?

OttLite has about 30 employees at its Tampa office. While Sheppard declined to provide revenue figures, he said the company has remained in the $30-$50 million range, adding “we expect to double that in the next two years.” The products are manufactured in China.

Is Ott light good for plants?

“The OttLite Plant Growth Lamp is specially formulated to help plants thrive indoors. Garden Club of America awardwinner Dr. John Ott developed this technology to provide the benefits of natural daylight, but without the heat, so it won?t dry out soil, leaves or blooms.

Who invented the OTT light?

John Ott, founder and inventor of OttLite lighting, researched alternatives to unhealthy artificial lighting and the effects different wavelengths of light have on health.

Can an OTT light be used for SAD?

“While there is no amount of ordinary light that can replace the clarity or benefits you can get from natural light, the next best thing is simulated light,” says the founder of OTT-LITE, Dr. While most of us don’t experience the extreme depression of SAD, we can all profit from exposure to light.

Is Ott light blue light?

The spectral output of OttLite ClearSun LED illumination is as close to natural daylight as you can get. All the sunny goodness right at your fingertips with these healthy lamps. Computer screens, your TV, your phone, LED lights with large spikes in the blue wavelength region – these devices can throw off your rhythm.

How do I turn off my Ott light?

the following: • turn lamp “ON” to first lower-brightness; touch the switch “once”; • for medium-brightness; touch the switch “twice”; • for high-brightness; touch the switch “three-times”; • to turn lamp “OFF”; touch the switch “four-times”.

How many lumens is an OTT light?

OttLite LED Desk Lamp with Color Changing Base | 3 Brightness Levels, 345 Lumens, Touch-Activated Controls, 256-Color Spectrum Base | Great for Home, Office, Workshop, Dorm. Brief content visible, double tap to read full content.

Which Ott light is the brightest?

Illuminate your entire workspace The 36w Pivoting Shade Floor Lamp is OttLite’s most powerful floor lamp ever! Illuminate your entire workspace with its two Super Bright Natural Daylight 18w tubes.

Do Ott lights get dimmer with age?

This means that quantum efficiency, and therefore light output, gradually declines with age.

Do Ott lights have ballasts?

Unfortunately the ballast in the Ott-Lite lamps will die prematurely and the lamp becomes totally useless as soon as that happens. The only reason they had ballasts available and were willing to sell them was due to the fact that the same ballast type had been recalled, and they were forced to offer replacements.

Are Ott lights hot?

OttLite’s first color temperature mode is Warm Light, which is 2700° K. When you need help comparing colors you use OttLite Natural Daylight Illumination at 5000° K. This is perfect for the ability to see colors accurately if you’re trying to match yarns while knitting or comparing fabric as you’re making a quilt.

Is an OTT light fluorescent?

OttLite 25 Watt HD Compact Fluorescent Bulb | Bulbs and Tubes.

Which Ott light is best?

For the organized office that has everything in its place, the OttLite Pivoting Banker’s Lamp is a great choice. The sleek, glossy black finish and flexible, pivoting head let you easily adjust the low heat, low glare natural illumination over your work area.

Is OttLite safe?

Now you can kill harmful bacteria* and reduce eyestrain by up to 51% simply by turning on your OttLite Sanitizing lamp.Technical Details. Manufacturer ‎OttLite Technology Color ‎White Style ‎Modern Finish ‎Not relevant for this product Material ‎Plastic.

How many Kelvins is an OttLite?

OttLite LED lighting provides natural daylight illumination measuring approximately 5000K. OttLite natural daylight illumination is perfect for seeing colors accurately and details clearly!.

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