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Cherry Bomb AUTO

Buy Cherry Bomb Auto Feminised Seeds Bomb Seeds

Cherry Bomb Auto is a highly resinous autoflowering strain with a full cherry flavour. Crossing Cherry Bomb with a hand selected Siberian ruderalis allowed us to maintain the most desirable traits of the mother...

Cherry Cordial Regular Seeds

Buy Cherry Cordial Regular Seeds Subcool Seeds

Cherry Cordial is an indica-dominant (65%) strain that was bred by crossing Hells OG with Space Queen. This is a therapeutic strain with great yields. Cherry Cordial is a medium-tall plant which can be...

Cherry Pie Feminised Seeds

Buy Cherry Pie Feminised Seeds Female Seeds

Cherry Pie is based on the Female Seeds’ marijuana strain Pure AK, re-working it for the new decade. A Cherry Punch was donated by Symbiotic Genetics in the U.S.A. and Female Seeds subsequently crossed...