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Male vs. Female Cannabis Plants: How to Identify Genders in Cannabis - G3  Cannabis Therapy Network

how to tell male from female cannabis

Sexing Cannabis: How to tell if your plant is male or female? Female plants produce the buds we are familiar with. Male plants produce small pollen sacs, these look like small balls. When they...

NL Auto Feminised

Buy Best NL Auto Feminised Seeds Female Seeds

Auto NL (Northern Lights) has been constantly developed for a period of 20 years with ongoing selection for desirable traits. Increased bud production, higher calyx-to-leaf ratio, narrower leaves and increased resin production are the...

Female Mix Feminised Seeds - 10

Best Female Mix Feminised Seeds – 10 Advanced Seeds

Advanced Seeds’ Female Mix contains a mixed selection of indica and indica-dominant strains from the Advanced Seeds’ range of cannabis seeds. Growers can be assured of good, dense buds with plenty of resin. Yields...