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Txerri Bilbo Haze-2

Buy Best Txerri Bilbo Haze Feminised Seeds Genehtik Seeds

Txerri Bilbo Haze is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain bred by crossing Strawberry Cough and Super Silver Haze. This hybrid retains the organoleptic Haze characteristics regarding both scent and taste while also reducing the flowering...

Zuri Widow Feminised Seeds

Best Zuri Widow Feminised Seeds Genehtik Seeds

Zuri Widow is a special White Widow pheno-type that appeared in the Basque region of Spain in the late 1990s. It was popular with an assortment of cannabis activists and indoor growers at that...

Santa Bilbo Feminised Seeds

Best Santa Bilbo Feminised Seeds Genehtik Seeds

Santa Bilbo comprises a high proportion of Brazilian genetics. Its mother was a Brazil Amazonian plant while the father was a Brazilian x Afghani hybrid strain. Although it is sativa-dominant in terms of genetic...