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Sweet Peach Feminised

Buy Sweet Peach Feminised Seeds Lineage Genetics

Sweet Peach is a 75% indica-dominant hybrid strain that is a cross of an Oregon Afghani Kush together with an unknown hybrid strain. Its buds are dense and resinous with very distinctive bright orange...

Sweet Zombie Feminised Seeds

Buy Sweet Zombie Feminised Seeds Expert Seeds

Sweet Zombie is a 95% indica strain with a heavy delivery both in terms of yield and effect. Produced by crossing Zombie Virus with the famous Black Domina this cannabis plant makes a stunning...

Jack 47 XL Auto Feminised Seeds

Top Jack 47 XL Auto Feminised Seeds Sweet Seeds

Jack 47 XL Auto was bred through a programme of selectively breeding taller and better-yielding Jack 47 Auto plants over several generations. Happily it retains its natural hybrid vigour in growth. Jack 47 XL...