The back glass of an iPhone is a crucial component that not only protects the internal components but also enables wireless charging. However, if the back glass is cracked or broken, the phone is not considered repairable at all, and Apple will not replace the display if the back is cracked.

Difficulty of Repairing Cracked iPhone Back Glass

Repairing a cracked iPhone back glass is a complex task that requires specialized tools and expertise. The internals of the iPhone are laminated to the back glass, making it challenging to separate the two without causing further damage. In the past, Apple has charged high prices for back glass replacements, with the cost ranging from $349 to $599, depending on the model.

iPhone 14: A Step Towards Improved Repairability

Apple has made a significant change with the iPhone 14, making it much easier to repair the back glass. The company has introduced a removable back glass panel secured with just two screws and a single connector, held in place by a less robust adhesive. This design choice allows for easier access to the screen and other components, reducing the complexity of repairs.

Third-Party Repair Options

While Apple has made strides in improving the repairability of the iPhone 14, there are still challenges for older models. Third-party repair shops, such as uBreakiFix by Asurion, offer back glass replacement services for iPhone models prior to the 14. However, the process involves separating the glass from the housing, which can be difficult due to the strong adhesive used by Apple.


In summary, while a cracked iPhone back glass can be repaired, it is a complex and costly process, especially for older models. Apple’s redesign of the iPhone 14 has made back glass replacements more accessible, but the company’s stance on not replacing the display if the back is cracked remains a challenge for users. As technology continues to evolve, it is hoped that more manufacturers will prioritize repairability in their designs.

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