Understanding Acer’s Warranty Policy

Standard Warranty Periods

Acer offers different warranty periods for various products. For consumer laptops, the standard warranty is one year, while commercial laptops have a two-year warranty. Predator laptops manufactured before 2019 have a two-year warranty, and those manufactured in 2019 or later have a one-year warranty.

Warranty Exclusions and Limitations

What is Not Covered

Acer’s warranty does not cover damage or defects caused by misuse, unauthorized modifications, improper transportation, or natural disasters. Additionally, minor defects on LCD displays and damage due to accidental drops or spills are not covered.

Repair Options

Authorized Service Providers

To have your Acer laptop repaired under warranty, you need to bring it to an authorized Acer service center. These centers will diagnose and repair your laptop using genuine Acer parts. If you prefer to use a local technician, Acer will not cover the cost of parts and labor unless the product is set up for service and brought to one of their repair facilities.

Third-Party Repair Services

Alternative Options

If your warranty has expired or you prefer not to use an Acer authorized service center, you can opt for third-party repair services. Companies like uBreakiFix by Asurion offer a one-year limited warranty on their repairs, and Cell Phone Repair (CPR) provides a range of hardware repair services, including screen replacement and water damage repair.

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