Can the Repo Man Take Your Car from Your Garage?

When you fall behind on your car payments, the lender may decide to repossess your vehicle. This can be a stressful and uncertain situation, leading many car owners to wonder: can the repo man take my car from my garage?

The Repo Man’s Limitations
Repo men, or repossession agents, have certain legal limitations when it comes to seizing a vehicle. While they can generally enter your property to repossess the car, they are not allowed to breach the peace or use physical force or threats to do so.

Entering Your Property

In most states, repo men can enter your property to seize the vehicle, as long as they do not break into a locked garage or other secured storage facility. This means they can come onto your driveway or parking lot to take the car, but they cannot forcibly enter a locked garage or shed where the car is kept.

Avoiding a Breach of the Peace

Repo men must also avoid any actions that would be considered a “breach of the peace.” This means they cannot use physical force, threats, or intimidation to take the car. If the car owner objects or tries to prevent the repossession, the repo man must back off and seek a court order to seize the vehicle.
Hiding Your Car in the Garage
While hiding your car in a locked garage may seem like a good way to prevent repossession, it is not a long-term solution. Repo men have various tactics to track down and seize vehicles, including the use of license plate scanners and GPS tracking devices. If they cannot access the car directly, they may obtain a court order to force you to turn over the vehicle.
Ultimately, the best approach is to communicate with your lender and try to work out a payment plan or other arrangement to avoid repossession. Ignoring the problem and hiding the car is unlikely to provide a lasting solution.

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