Can You Fish at Mon Repos? Discover Bundaberg’s Hidden Angling Gem

Unveiling Mon Repos: A Fishing Paradise

Mon Repos, located near Bundaberg, Queensland, is not just famous for its turtle nesting grounds – it’s also a hidden gem for fishing enthusiasts. But can you fish at Mon Repos? The answer is a resounding yes, with some exciting options for anglers of all levels.

Mon Repos Beach: A Coastal Fishing Haven

Mon Repos Beach offers a unique fishing experience for those who prefer to stay on land. A small creek feeds onto the beach, delivering a buffet of bait fish for waiting predators. Here’s what you can expect:
• Flathead: These ambush predators love to hide in the sandy bottom near the creek mouth.
• Cod: Often found around structure and rocky areas near the shore.
• Bream: A popular catch for both novice and experienced anglers.

The ebb tide is particularly productive, as it concentrates bait fish and attracts hungry predators.

Mon Repos Rocks: The Premier Fishing Spot

For those seeking a more adventurous fishing experience, Mon Repos Rocks is the place to be. This rocky section is considered one of Bundaberg’s premier rock fishing spots. However, safety should be your top priority when fishing here.

To enjoy this fantastic fishing spot safely, consider these options:

• Kayak fishing: A great way to access the rocks without risking slips or falls.
• Boat fishing: Provides easy access and allows you to cover more ground.

The rocky area holds an abundance of bait, attracting a variety of fish species, including:

• Grass sweetlip
• Squire
• Queenfish
• Mackerel
• Tuna

Tips for a Successful Fishing Trip to Mon Repos

Check the tides: Fishing is often best during the ebb tide at Mon Repos Beach.
Bring appropriate gear: Pack rock-fishing equipment if you’re heading to Mon Repos Rocks.
Use local bait: Try using yabbies, beach worms, or small baitfish.
Practice catch and release: Help preserve the fish population for future anglers.
Stay informed: Always check local fishing regulations and obtain necessary permits.

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Remember, while Mon Repos offers excellent fishing opportunities, it’s also an important conservation area. Be mindful of your impact on the environment, especially during turtle nesting season.

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