Can You Fix Melted Plastic? Here’s How to Repair It at Home

Plastic is a versatile material used in countless household items, from toys to kitchen utensils. However, its low melting point can lead to warping, melting, or even burning when exposed to high temperatures. Luckily, there are several ways to fix melted plastic at home, depending on the severity of the damage.

Repairing Slightly Warped Plastic

If your plastic is just slightly warped or out of shape, it can be repaired by warming it in water. Once it’s warm enough to have become slightly malleable, reshape it by hand, then place it in a bowl of cold water to set the shape.

Fixing More Severe Damage

For more severe damage, you may need to do a more thorough plastic repair job. First, sand the area to remove any distortions. Clean it again with detergent and water. You can then fill in any depressions using an epoxy, making sure to keep the room ventilated and wear gloves when handling the epoxy.

You can purchase plastic epoxy deliberately designed for the job. Allow the epoxy to dry, then sand once more to ensure the area is as smooth as possible. If you want your utensil to look as seamless as possible, you can even use plastic paint over the area to help it blend.

There are also products designed specifically to fix plastic, such as portable sheets of malleable plastic fixer that you can use to fill in any holes or melted patches. If you use a specifically designed plastic epoxy, your utensil will be both dishwasher and food safe.

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