Linoleum is one of the most resilient and cost-effective flooring options, but it is not immune to scratches, holes, or other types of damage, especially if it is older. The good news is that you can easily patch spots in linoleum flooring, provided you have some matching scraps or tiles on hand.

Preparing the Damaged Area

Cut the Damaged Section

Use a utility knife and a straight edge to carefully cut around the damaged section of the linoleum. Try to follow the existing pattern or design to make the patch less noticeable.

Remove the Damaged Section

Carefully remove the damaged linoleum section from the floor.

Clean the Subfloor

Make sure to remove any adhesive or debris from the subfloor before proceeding with the patch.
Cutting and Applying the Patch

Cut the Patch

Use a utility knife and a straight edge to cut a matching patch that fits the opening in the floor. The patch should be slightly larger than the damaged area.

Glue the Patch

Apply a vinyl adhesive to the subfloor and carefully place the patch in the opening. Use a hand roller to ensure the patch is fully bonded.

Seal the Seams

Use a vinyl seam sealer to blend the edges of the patch with the surrounding linoleum, creating a seamless appearance.

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