Can You Repair the Sanctuary Houses in Fallout 4?

In the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout 4, the player is tasked with rebuilding the once-thriving community of Sanctuary Hills. However, many players have expressed frustration that the dilapidated houses in Sanctuary never seem to get fully repaired, despite the player’s efforts to rebuild the settlement.

The Broken State of Sanctuary Hills

When the player first arrives in Sanctuary Hills, they are greeted by a scene of utter devastation. The once-quaint suburban neighborhood has been reduced to a crumbling ruin, with gaping holes in the walls and roofs of the houses. This broken state of the environment is a constant reminder of the destruction wrought by the nuclear war that devastated the world.

Many players have hoped that, as they invest time and resources into rebuilding Sanctuary, they would be able to see tangible progress in the repair of the houses. However, despite the player’s efforts to construct new walls, roofs, and other structures, the underlying damage to the houses remains largely unchanged.

Workarounds and Mods

While the game’s base mechanics do not allow for the complete repair of the Sanctuary houses, players have found creative ways to work around this limitation. One popular technique is the “rug glitch,” which allows players to clip wooden walls and floors into the existing structures, effectively patching up the holes and creating a more cohesive appearance.

Additionally, there are mods available that enable more comprehensive repairs to the Sanctuary houses, allowing players to fully restore the buildings to their former glory. These mods provide a more satisfying and immersive experience for those who wish to see Sanctuary Hills truly rebuilt.

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