Can You Still Turn in Cloth for Rep in WoW?

Turning in cloth for reputation and experience rewards is a well-known mechanic in World of Warcraft. This article will explore the current state of this feature and provide guidance on how to utilize it effectively.

Understanding Cloth Quartermasters

In each capital city of the Alliance and Horde, there are NPCs known as Cloth Quartermasters. These NPCs offer repeatable quests that allow players to exchange specific amounts of cloth for reputation and experience rewards. The cloths required for these quests are wool, silk, mageweave, and runecloth, with each type providing increasingly better rewards as you progress.

How to Turn in Cloth for Rep

To turn in cloth for reputation, you need to find the Cloth Quartermaster for the faction you want to gain reputation with. For example, in Darnassus, you can find Raedon Duskstriker in the Craftsmen’s Terrace. Each Cloth Quartermaster has their own separate quest with unique rewards for their faction.

Reputation and Experience Rewards

The rewards for turning in cloth include both reputation and experience points. The amount of reputation gained increases as you turn in higher-level cloths, with runecloth providing the most significant gains. Additionally, the experience rewards also increase with each higher-level cloth.

Materials Requirements and Reputation Levels

To reach certain reputation levels, you will need to turn in specific quantities of cloth. For example, to reach Friendly status, you need 3 stacks each of wool, silk, and mageweave cloth, and 25 stacks of runecloth. The requirements increase as you progress to higher reputation levels.

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