Does Withered Training Give Reputation with the Nightfallen in World of Warcraft?

The Withered Army Training scenario in World of Warcraft: Legion is a great way to gain reputation with the Nightfallen faction and earn various rewards. By leading a group of withered into the Ruins of Falanaar, players can train their army and complete the scenario to earn reputation and unlock hidden rewards.

Gaining Reputation with the Nightfallen

Completing the Withered Army Training scenario grants players 150 reputation with the Nightfallen faction. This is a significant amount of reputation that can help players progress through the Suramar storyline and unlock more content.

To unlock the scenario, players must complete the quest “Building an Army.” Once unlocked, the scenario will appear as a World Quest in Shal’Aran every 3 days. Players can spend Ancient Mana to start the scenario with more withered, allowing them to explore more of the ruins and potentially earn more rewards.

Hidden Rewards and Upgrades

In addition to gaining reputation, the Withered Army Training scenario offers various hidden rewards and upgrades for players’ withered armies. These rewards can be found in chests throughout the scenario, with larger chests requiring players to send withered to carry them back to Thalyssra.

Some of the rewards include permanent upgrades for withered, turning them into specialized roles like Withered Berserkers or Withered Mana-Ragers. These upgrades can be used in future runs of the scenario to make the experience easier and more efficient.

Other rewards include toys, pets, and even a mount called the Leyline Broodling. These rewards can be collected over multiple runs of the scenario and are a great way for players to expand their collections and customize their experiences.

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