How Many Classes Can You Retake at ASU?

At Arizona State University (ASU), students have the opportunity to retake up to 12 credit hours of classes where they previously earned a “D” or “E” grade. This policy allows students to replace the original grade in their GPA calculation, providing a chance to improve their academic standing.

Grade Replacement Limit

According to ASU’s policies, undergraduate students can repeat any course in which they received a “D” or “E” grade, up to a maximum of 12 credit hours. This means that students can retake up to four 3-credit courses to replace the original grades in their GPA calculation.

“It actually shows some growth,” said ASU’s Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, Dr. Jared Alford, regarding the university’s approach to grade replacement. “ASU offers an opportunity for students to retake 12 credits worth of classes for full GPA replacement.”

It’s important to note that both the original and the new grades will still appear on the student’s transcript, but only the new grade will be factored into the GPA calculation. This policy can be a valuable tool for students who have struggled in certain courses, allowing them to demonstrate their improved understanding and academic performance.

Considerations for Retaking Courses

While the grade replacement policy can be beneficial, there are a few important factors for students to consider when retaking courses at ASU:

  • The 12-credit hour limit applies to the total number of credits, not individual courses. Students should plan their retakes carefully to maximize the impact on their GPA.
  • Retaking a course does not count towards the minimum credit hours required for scholarships or financial aid. Students should consult with their academic advisor to ensure they maintain their eligibility.
  • For students planning to apply to graduate or professional programs, the original and replacement grades may both be considered in the admissions process, even if the ASU GPA only reflects the new grade.
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By understanding the grade replacement policy and its implications, ASU students can strategically utilize this opportunity to improve their academic performance and work towards their educational goals.

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