How Many Reps at 225 is Good for the NFL Combine?

The NFL Combine is a crucial event for aspiring professional football players, where they showcase their skills and athleticism to coaches and scouts. One of the most anticipated tests is the 225-pound bench press, which measures an athlete’s strength and endurance. But how many reps at 225 pounds is considered good for the NFL Combine?

Respectable Reps for Most NFL Positions

For most NFL positions, 15 reps at 225 pounds is considered respectable. This number demonstrates that the athlete has a solid foundation of upper body strength, which is essential for their position. Linemen, who are responsible for creating space and controlling the line of scrimmage, typically lead the pack with an average of 30-39 reps.

Strong Reps for NFL Combine

20 reps at 225 pounds is considered strong for the NFL Combine. This number showcases the athlete’s exceptional upper body strength and endurance. Tight ends, linebackers, and running backs often fall into this category, with averages ranging from 20 to 30 reps. Defensive backs and receivers, who rely more on speed and agility, typically perform 15-20 reps.
It’s important to note that while impressive numbers can turn heads and garner attention, it is ultimately the combination of athleticism, technique, and character that will determine an athlete’s success at the next level. Proper training, technique, and strategic planning are crucial for optimizing performance in the 225-pound bench press test.

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