How Much Does an iPhone 6 Plus Battery Cost in the Philippines?

Are you tired of dealing with a dying iPhone 6 Plus battery? If so, you’re not alone. Many users struggle with battery life issues, especially as their devices age. Fortunately, replacing the battery can breathe new life into your phone. But how much does an iPhone 6 Plus battery cost in the Philippines?

Understanding the Cost of iPhone 6 Plus Batteries

The cost of an iPhone 6 Plus battery in the Philippines can vary depending on several factors, including the quality of the battery, the brand, and the seller. Here are some prices from popular online marketplaces to give you an idea:

– On Shopee, you can find authentic high-quality iPhone 6 Plus batteries for ₱600.00.

– PowerFix Gadget Repair Station offers Apple iPhone 6 Plus batteries for an unspecified price, but they are in stock.

– eBay Philippines lists batteries for iPhone 6 Plus with prices starting at ₱677.21, including shipping.

– Other sellers on Shopee offer new iPhone 6 Plus cell phone batteries for ₱599.00.

Factors Affecting Battery Prices

When shopping for an iPhone 6 Plus battery, several factors can influence the price:

– Quality: Authentic, high-quality batteries tend to be more expensive than lower-quality alternatives.

– Brand: Batteries from reputable brands like Apple or authorized resellers may cost more than generic or third-party batteries.

– Seller: Prices can vary depending on the seller, with online marketplaces like Shopee and eBay offering different prices from individual sellers.

– Shipping: If you’re purchasing from an online seller, shipping costs can add to the overall price of the battery.

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