How Much Does Luggage Repair Cost? A Comprehensive Guide

Luggage is an essential travel companion, but accidents and wear and tear can happen. When your beloved suitcase or bag needs repair, the cost can be a concern. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the typical costs associated with luggage repair, with a focus on the options offered by Briggs and Riley and other major luggage brands.

Luggage Repair Costs: The Basics
The cost of luggage repair can vary depending on the extent of the damage and the type of repair required. Generally, you can expect to pay the following:

Carry Handle Repair: Starting at $28.00

Pull Handle Repair: Starting at $75.00

Wheel Repair (2 wheels): Starts at $28.00 per wheel

Spinner Wheel Repair (4-wheel bag): Starts at $38.00 per spinner wheel

These prices are approximate and may vary depending on the luggage brand, the complexity of the repair, and the location of the repair service.
Briggs and Riley Luggage Warranty
Briggs and Riley, a renowned luggage brand, offers a unique “Simple as That” lifetime warranty. This warranty covers the repair of any functional damage to your luggage, free of charge, with no proof of purchase required. The only exceptions are for cosmetic wear and tear, cleaning, and the replacement of lost or stolen bags.
To take advantage of this warranty, you can either use Briggs and Riley’s do-it-yourself repair kits, find an authorized repair center, or ship your bag directly to the company’s repair center. The only cost you’ll incur is the shipping to send the bag for repair.
Other Luggage Warranty Considerations
While Briggs and Riley’s warranty is exceptional, other luggage brands may offer their own warranty programs. It’s essential to review the warranty details for your specific luggage to understand the coverage and any associated costs.
Some brands may charge a fee for repairs, while others may have more limited coverage or require proof of purchase. Be sure to research the warranty terms before making a repair to avoid unexpected costs.
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