To access Dahl’s shuttle in the game Prey, you’ll need to navigate through the Shuttle Bay area and overcome a few obstacles.
Reaching the Shuttle Bay
The Shuttle Bay is located in the Talos 1 Lobby, an area you may not have explored yet. Make your way to the Arboretum elevator and travel to the lobby to access this region.

Unlocking the Bridge to Dahl’s Shuttle

Once in the Shuttle Bay, you’ll find that Dahl’s shuttle is located on level two of the main hangar. Unfortunately, the path to the shuttle is blocked by a retracted bridge. To unlock this bridge, you’ll need to visit one of the terminals found on level three of the Shuttle Bay.

Accessing Level Three

Level three can be accessed through an inactive gravity shaft located in the western part of the Shuttle Bay’s first level. To activate this gravity shaft, you’ll need to first visit the Mechanic Facilities on level one, where you can find a computer that controls the gravity shaft.

Unlocking the Path to Dahl’s Shuttle

With the gravity shaft now active, you can reach level three and make your way to the Air Control Tower. Here, you’ll find a terminal that will allow you to unlock the pathway leading to Dahl’s shuttle on level two. Once the path is open, you can use the jetty to access the shuttle and continue your investigation.

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