How to Cover Scratches on Wood: Effective DIY Solutions

Wooden furniture can be a beautiful addition to any home, but scratches can quickly detract from its appearance. Fortunately, there are several DIY methods to cover scratches on wood, ranging from common household items to specialized products. Here are some effective solutions to help you restore your wood furniture to its original glory.

Mineral Oil and Pumice

Mineral Oil and Pumice: A Natural Polish

Combine mineral oil with pumice powder to form a paste. Rub this mixture into the scratched area using extra-fine-grade steel wool. Afterward, wipe off the excess paste and buff the area with a dry cloth. This natural polish is a great way to remove minor scratches without damaging the wood finish.

Mayonnaise and Other Unconventional Methods

Mayonnaise and Other Unconventional Methods

Mayonnaise is a surprising solution for covering scratches on wood. Apply a generous amount of mayonnaise to the scratched area and let it sit for 2 to 3 days. The oils in the mayonnaise will help expand the wood and fill in the scratch. Other unconventional methods include using coffee, iodine, lemon juice, and even walnuts to cover scratches.

Paint and Markers

Paint and Markers: A Quick Fix

For deeper scratches or those on polyurethane finishes, oil-based craft or artist’s paint can be used to cover the scratch. Find a color that matches your furniture’s finish and apply the paint carefully. Alternatively, furniture markers can be used to quickly color over small scratches.

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