How to Fix a Jammed BB Gun

Removing a Stuck BB
To remove a stuck BB, first ensure the magazine is removed and all other BBs are out of the reservoir. Then insert a metal rod slightly smaller than the barrel diameter, such as a 5/32″ brass rod, into the muzzle end of the barrel until it hits the stuck BB. Gently tap the rod with a hammer to push the BB out.

Stuck BB in the Magazine

If the BB is stuck in the magazine, disassemble the magazine to access the stuck BB. Avoid using excessive force, as the BB is likely made of a softer material than the steel magazine and should give way first.

Stuck BB in the Barrel

For a stuck BB in the barrel, you can also try heating the barrel gently and using the rod to push the BB out. Spraying a bit of silicone lube or WD-40 into the barrel before using the rod can help as well. As a last resort, you can try blowing the BB out with compressed air.
With patience and the right tools, most BB gun jams can be cleared without damaging the gun. However, if the BB is severely deformed or the jam is in a critical area, it may be best to seek professional repair4.

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