How to Fix a Leaky Bathtub Faucet: A Step-by-Step Guide

Dealing with a leaky bathtub faucet can be a frustrating experience, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right tools and a little know-how, you can easily fix the problem and save money on your water bill. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to stop a dripping bathtub faucet and get your plumbing back in working order.

Shut Off the Water Supply

The first step in fixing a leaky bathtub faucet is to shut off the water supply. This is usually done by locating the shut-off valve near the water heater or the main water meter and turning it clockwise to the closed position. Once the water is turned off, turn the faucet handle to the “on” position to release any remaining water in the pipes.

Remove the Faucet Handle

Next, you’ll need to remove the faucet handle. This can be a tricky process, as corrosion can sometimes weld the handle to the stem. Use an Allen wrench to loosen the screw in the center of the handle, then gently wiggle and pull the handle off. If it’s stuck, you may need to use a handle puller tool to get it off.

Disassemble the Faucet

With the handle removed, you can now access the internal components of the faucet. Unscrew the escutcheon (the decorative plate around the faucet) and remove the stem assembly, which controls the water flow. This is where you’ll likely find the source of the leak, such as a worn-out washer or seal.

Replace the Worn Parts

Inspect the faucet components and identify any worn or damaged parts, such as the washers, seals, or cartridge. Replace these parts with new ones that match your faucet model. Be sure to apply a thin coat of plumber’s grease to the new parts before reassembling the faucet.

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Reassemble and Test

Once you’ve replaced the worn parts, reassemble the faucet in reverse order, making sure everything is tightened securely. Turn the water supply back on and check for any leaks. If the faucet is still dripping, you may need to repeat the process or consider replacing the entire faucet assembly.

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