To chat with a Google Workspace support specialist:

Sign in to your Google Admin console

Sign in using your administrator account (does not end in
At the top right of the Admin console, click “Get help”.
In the Help Assistant window, describe your issue and click “Send”.
If a Help article that relates to your issue is listed, click it to review.
If you still need help, click “Search for something else” and repeat steps 3–4. Then click “Continue to Support” and continue with the following steps.
Select the description of your issue and review the information or click “Help me with something else” or “I need more help”.
Briefly describe your issue and click “Send”.
Select the channel you prefer to use for contact and your preferred language and click “Start chat” or “Submit”.

In addition to chat support, you can also get help through:

Phone and email support

Go to the Help Center for phone and email support options.
You can also find articles for setup, billing, and other common topics in the Help Center.

Online resources

Use the Help Center to search documentation for managing Google Workspace users and services.
Check the Google Workspace status dashboard to view the status of core services (Gmail, Google Calendar, and so on).
Ask troubleshooting questions and get answers from Google Workspace product experts and other administrators in the Google Workspace Community.
Join the Google Workspace for Admins Community to view the latest news and resources for Google Workspace, including peer-to-peer conversations, launch announcements, product updates, road maps, and more.
Follow @askworkspace on Twitter to receive timely support, incident communications, and quick self-help tips.

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