How to Repair Codsworth in Fallout 4: A Comprehensive Guide

Repairing Codsworth, the loyal robot companion in Fallout 4, requires specific items and strategies. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you revive and maintain your robotic ally.

Understanding Codsworth’s Repair Needs

Codsworth, being a robot, does not heal automatically like human companions. In the base game without the Automatron DLC, Codsworth and other robots will auto-heal over time, similar to settlers. However, with the Automatron DLC, you’ll need Robot Repair Kits to revive and repair your robotic companions.

Acquiring Robot Repair Kits

Robot Repair Kits are consumable items introduced in the Automatron DLC. These kits act as stimpaks for robots, restoring 30% of their health. You can craft Repair Kits from the chemistry bench in the game.

Using Robot Repair Kits Effectively

When to use Robot Repair Kits strategically is crucial. Avoid wasting them on robots that can’t die permanently. Instead, save them for tougher battles or when you’re really in a bind.

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