How to Repair Weapons and Armor in Fallout: New Vegas

In the harsh deserts of Fallout: New Vegas, keeping your weapons and armor in top condition is crucial for survival. As you explore the Mojave Wasteland, your gear will inevitably take damage, but don’t worry – there are several ways to repair and maintain your equipment.

Manual Repair

The most cost-effective way to repair your gear is to do it yourself. To manually repair a weapon or piece of armor, follow these steps:

Open your Pip-Boy
Navigate to the item you want to repair
Press the “Repair” button, which is typically the R or F key
Select a duplicate item from your inventory to use as a repair material

If the “Repair” option is grayed out, it means your Repair skill is too low or you don’t have the necessary materials to complete the repair. You can increase your Repair skill by investing points in the Repair perk or by finding items that boost your Repair skill.

Weapon Repair Kits

Another option for repairing weapons is to use a Weapon Repair Kit. These consumable items can be found in the world or crafted at a Workbench. To craft a Weapon Repair Kit, you’ll need the following materials:

Wrench x1
Duct tape x1
Wonderglue x1
Scrap electronics x1
Scrap metal x2

Once you have a Weapon Repair Kit, simply use it on your damaged weapon to restore its condition.

Vendor Repair

If you don’t want to repair your gear yourself, you can always seek out vendors who can do it for you. The best vendor for this task is Major Knight, located at the Mojave Outpost. He has a maxed-out Repair skill, so he can fully restore your equipment. However, this service will cost you a significant amount of caps.

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