How to Unlock the Bridge in Stardew Valley

In the beloved farming simulation game Stardew Valley, players may have noticed a mysterious bridge near the Adventurer’s Guild that remains inaccessible for much of the game. This bridge, known as the Shearwater Bridge, serves an important purpose – providing a more convenient path to gather valuable ore from the quarry. However, to unlock this bridge, players must first complete a specific set of tasks.

Completing the Crafts Room Bundles

The key to unlocking the Shearwater Bridge lies in the Crafts Room, one of the many locations within the Community Center. Here, players will find a series of bundles that must be completed by collecting various foraged items throughout the seasons. These bundles range from basic materials like wood and stone to more exotic and rare items.

Once all the Crafts Room bundles have been completed, the bridge will be repaired overnight, granting players access to the quarry on the other side. This not only provides a more direct route to the valuable ore, but also opens up new areas of the game to explore.

Accessing the Quarry

With the bridge now unlocked, players can easily cross over to the quarry, where they can gather a variety of ores, including copper, iron, and even the rare iridium. This makes the quarry an invaluable resource for players looking to upgrade their tools, weapons, and other equipment.

It’s worth noting that the bridge is only accessible during specific events, such as the Flower Dance, which takes place on the 24th of Spring. Outside of these events, the bridge remains closed, so players will need to plan their visits accordingly.

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