Is Cannabis Beneficial for Health? Exploring the Evidence

While the debate surrounding the health benefits of cannabis continues, institutions like Johnson & Wales University and Harvard Health have provided insights into its potential advantages and risks.

According to Johnson & Wales University, cannabis may have several health benefits. These include anti-inflammatory properties, neuropathic pain relief, and assistance in preventing relapse in drug and alcohol addiction, based on studies by reputable institutions like the Rockefeller Institute of Medical Research.

Harvard Health suggests that while there may be positive effects, such as a hypothetical improvement in lung function from the deep inhalation method of smoking marijuana, the evidence is not conclusive. The same source indicates that the inhalation of cannabis can lead to chronic bronchitis and suggests that a placebo may provide similar pain relief to actual cannabis. This casts doubt on the effectiveness of cannabis for pain management.

Further complicating the matter, Harvard Health raises concerns about marijuana use before surgery, which may feel akin to an asthma attack and lead to increased postoperative pain and a higher risk for opioid use disorder.

On the topic of delivery methods, medical cannabis is now available in various forms, from edibles to topicals. Despite this variety, the science behind using cannabis to treat serious illness is still catching up with patient use, highlighting the need for more rigorous research to inform patients and healthcare providers.

Moreover, the potential cardiovascular risks associated with marijuana, which shares many harmful components with cigarette smoke, cannot be overlooked.

Therefore, while some potential health benefits of marijuana are suggested, such as its antiasthmatic and antidepressant effects reported by The University of Toledo, caution and further investigation are warranted due to the associated risks and the lack of definitive evidence for some of the claimed benefits.

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Is Cannabis Beneficial for Health? Exploring the Evidence

It is crucial to approach the subject of cannabis and its health effects with a critical eye, considering both the possible benefits and the undeniable risks. More comprehensive studies are essential to provide clear guidance on the efficacy and safety of cannabis use for medical purposes.

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