Is Cannabis Effective for Anxiety? Unpacking the Research and Debates


The relationship between cannabis and anxiety is a subject of ongoing research and debate. A notable study involving 1,746 patients from nine medical marijuana clinics in California found that 37.8% used marijuana to relieve anxiety, 16.9% to alleviate panic attacks, and 55.1% for relaxation. Anxiety/depression was frequently cited as a reason for cannabis use. However, this should be approached with caution, as the effects of cannabis on anxiety are complex.

Harvard Health raises concerns about the potential downsides of cannabis use. It can trigger cardiac and lung issues, like rapid heart rate and bronchitis, and there’s a risk of addiction. Notably, cannabis, especially at high doses, may exacerbate anxiety, even leading to panic attacks. Additionally, its use can impair driving and operating heavy machinery, and it’s particularly risky for teenagers, potentially leading to brain damage and a disrupted stress response.

On the other side, CBD, a component of cannabis, has shown promise in reducing inflammation and neuropathic pain, according to the Rockefeller Institute of Medical Research. It might also aid in preventing relapse in drug and alcohol addiction, as indicated by a 2018 study. However, these benefits need to be weighed against the risks, especially considering the possible negative impact on adolescent brain development.

Cannabis use for coping with PTSD is another area of concern. It might lead to dependence and adverse reactions, with anxiety and panic being common negative effects of marijuana intoxication. This underlines the importance of understanding the potential risks associated with cannabis use for mental health conditions.

Interestingly, the University of Washington’s review suggests that cannabis contains cannabidiol (CBD), which may help alleviate anxiety. However, marijuana can also cause short-term issues with cognitive functions, like thinking and memory, underscoring the need for a nuanced understanding of its effects.

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In summary, while some studies indicate potential benefits of cannabis for anxiety and related conditions, there are significant concerns about its negative effects, particularly at high dosages and among teenagers. The debate continues as researchers strive to unravel the complexities of cannabis and its impact on mental health.

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Is Cannabis Effective for Anxiety? Unpacking the Research and Debates

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