Is Cannabis Safe? Examining the Health Risks and Benefits


Is Cannabis Safe? Examining the Health Risks and Benefits

While the legalization and increasing acceptance of cannabis continue to grow, questions about its safety and health implications remain. With evidence suggesting potential risks, particularly concerning heart health and cognition, it’s vital to approach this topic with an element of caution.

Harvard Health highlights the cardiovascular risks associated with marijuana use. It is noted that marijuana can cause the heart to beat faster and blood pressure to rise, posing dangers for individuals with heart disease. The risk of a heart attack is reportedly several times higher in the hour following marijuana use. Additionally, other studies have suggested a link between marijuana use and atrial fibrillation, further underscoring the cardiac risksHarvard HealthHarvard Health.

Johns Hopkins discusses the broader spectrum of risks and benefits of legalized cannabis. The conversation here also includes the potential mental health consequences. Especially pertinent is the warning for individuals with a family history of psychosis or schizophrenia. Early cannabis use during adolescence in these cases is advised against due to the increased risk of triggering psychotic symptoms and potentially exacerbating issues related to psychosis and schizophreniaJohns Hopkins.

The behavioral effects of marijuana are a focal point at Cornell University, where research has indicated that chronic use impacts certain cognitive functions. Memory, decision-making, and attention are notably affected, with greater memory lapses observed particularly in those who began using marijuana during adolescenceCornell University.

In contrast, Harvard Gazette discusses the rising legality and popularity of cannabis, pointing out that its legal status doesn’t equate to safety. This underlines the need for ongoing research and public education about the risks associated with cannabis useHarvard Gazette.

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Moreover, Harvard Health advises on safer usage practices for those who choose to use cannabis. Recommendations include avoiding smoking, which can inflame the lungs, and instead opting for alternatives like tinctures, edibles, or vaporizers. Additionally, users are cautioned not to drive for at least four hours after consumptionHarvard Health.

In conclusion, while cannabis may be gaining legal and social acceptance, it’s essential to remain mindful of the potential health risks. Particularly concerning are the effects on heart health and cognitive functions, which warrant further investigation and public awareness.

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