In the vast and perilous world of Conan Exiles, the choice of weaponry can make the difference between survival and utter defeat. Among the myriad of options available, legendary weapons stand out as the pinnacle of power and prestige. But which of these legendary arms is truly the best?

The Predatory Blade: Strength in Precision

The Predatory Blade is a one-handed sword that boasts an impressive 108 health damage and 9% armor penetration. This strength-based weapon is a true force to be reckoned with, dealing full damage only with light attacks. While heavy attacks may only inflict a single point of damage, the consistent application of status effects makes this blade a formidable choice in melee combat. Obtained by defeating the Brute in the Unnamed City, the Predatory Blade is a coveted prize for those seeking a powerful one-handed option.

Hanuman’s Gada: Crushing Blows and Armor Piercing

Wielding a two-handed hammer, Hanuman’s Gada stands as a true powerhouse, delivering 96 health damage and an astounding 45% armor penetration. Its heavy weight of 50 makes it an ideal choice for those focused on a THW (Two-Handed Weapon) build. With a durable 4800 durability and 4.8 weight, this weapon is well-suited for close-quarters combat, where its crushing blows can overwhelm even the most heavily armored foes.

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