Understanding Florida’s Legislative Progress on Recreational Marijuana Legalization

Florida has seen significant legislative activity regarding the legalization of recreational marijuana. In 2023, Senate Bill 1576 was introduced, aiming to establish the Division of Cannabis Management under the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. This bill authorizes individuals aged 21 and over to partake in certain marijuana-related activities and introduces licensing for marijuana establishments.

Similarly, House Bill 291, presented in 2021, also focuses on the legalization of recreational marijuana. It authorizes persons aged 21 and above to engage in activities involving the personal use of marijuana in limited quantities. This bill further details the licensing of marijuana establishments and sets limits on the number of such establishments in localities.

The year 2022 witnessed the introduction of HB 467 and Senate Bill 1696. Both bills address the legalization of recreational marijuana, with specific provisions for the personal use of marijuana, licensing requirements, and limitations on the number of marijuana establishments. SB 1696 uniquely establishes the Division of Cannabis Management and includes provisions to prohibit the use of false identification by individuals under 21 years of age in marijuana-related activities.

Additionally, in 2022, the Florida Senate considered SB 164, which focused on the medical use of marijuana. This bill included amendments to Florida Statutes, particularly concerning the Department of Business and Professional Regulation and the regulation of marijuana establishments.

The Florida Board of Medicine has also been involved, setting new practice standards related to smoking marijuana for medical use as of July 13, 2021. These standards are pursuant to Section 381.986 of the Florida Statutes and apply to all physicians authorized to issue certifications for the medical use of marijuana.

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For more detailed information on these legislative initiatives, visit the Florida Senate and House websites through the following links:

Senate Bill 1576 (2023)
House Bill 291 (2021)
HB 467 (2022)
Senate Bill 1696 (2022)
House Bill 467 (2022)
SB 1576 (2023)
Florida Senate 2022 SB 164
Florida Board of Medicine New Practice Standards
Understanding Florida's Legislative Progress on Recreational Marijuana Legalization

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