What Are the Key Details of Florida’s Proposed Marijuana Legalization Bills?


In recent years, several bills have been proposed in Florida to legalize recreational marijuana. These include Senate Bill 1576 (2023), House Bill 291 (2021), House Bill 467 (2022), Senate Bill 1696 (2022), Senate Bill 664 (2021), Senate Bill 1884 (2022), and Senate Bill 710 (2021). Each of these bills outlines specific provisions and regulations regarding the legalization, use, and commercialization of marijuana.

Senate Bill 1576 (2023) and SB 1576 (2023), both proposed by Torres, focus on establishing the Division of Cannabis Management under the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They authorize individuals 21 years and older to engage in certain actions related to marijuana and provide guidelines for licensing marijuana establishments.

House Bill 291 (2021) and HB 291 (2021), also focus on the legalization of recreational marijuana. They allow persons aged 21 and over to engage in activities involving personal use of marijuana in limited amounts and detail limits on where such activities can occur. The bill also outlines the licensure of marijuana establishments.

House Bill 467 (2022) shares similar objectives, authorizing persons aged 21 and over to engage in certain activities involving personal use of marijuana. It also provides for the licensure of marijuana establishments and sets limits on the number of certain marijuana establishments in localities.

Senate Bill 1696 (2022) and Senate Bill 664 (2021), both by Farmer, propose the creation of the Division of Cannabis Management and prohibit the use of false identification by persons under 21 years for activities related to recreational marijuana. SB 664 also proposes renaming the Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco to include marijuana.

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Finally, Senate Bill 1884 (2022) and Senate Bill 710 (2021) also address the legalization of recreational marijuana, with SB 710 revising the sales tax exemption for the sale of marijuana and adjusting the licensure and functions of medical marijuana treatment centers.

These bills reflect a growing movement in Florida towards the legalization of marijuana, aiming to regulate its use and distribution while providing guidelines for taxation and commercial activities.

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