Where Can I Download the League of Legends Hextech Repair Tool?

If you’re experiencing technical issues with League of Legends or need to gather logs for customer support, the Hextech Repair Tool can help. This handy software solution from Riot Games is designed to troubleshoot various problems with the game client.

How to Download the Hextech Repair Tool

To download the Hextech Repair Tool, follow these steps:

Go to the League of Legends support website
Select the “Automated Troubleshooting” article
Click on the link to download the tool for either Windows or Mac OS45
Run the downloaded file (e.g., “hextech-repair-tool.msi” on Windows)45

The installation process is quick and automated, with no need for complex configurations.

Using the Hextech Repair Tool

Once you have the Hextech Repair Tool open, you’ll see four different settings:

General: Controls the various logs saved by the tool, such as ping tests and clock data45
Game: Allows you to force a repatch or perform a clean reinstall of the game45
DNS: Lets you use a public recommended DNS, such as Google DNS45
Firewall: Enables adding firewall exceptions to help with port issues45

Simply select the desired options and click the “Start” button. The tool will gather your logs and provide a running list of the steps it’s taking.

Once the process is complete, you’ll find a zip file containing the logs on your desktop. These logs are typically requested by League of Legends support when working on a ticket.

If you’re still experiencing issues after using the Hextech Repair Tool, you can download the logs and send them to customer support for further assistance.

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