Where to Take the Broken Goron’s Sword in Ocarina of Time

In The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, the Broken Goron’s Sword is a key item in the Biggoron’s Sword trading sequence. After obtaining the sword from the Master Craftsman in Gerudo Valley, your next step is to bring it to Biggoron, a skilled sword maker, to have it repaired.

Finding Biggoron

Biggoron can be found at the top of Death Mountain Trail, near the entrance to the Death Mountain Crater. To reach him, you’ll need to climb up the mountain trail, avoiding or defeating any enemies along the way. If you’ve already completed the Fire Temple and defeated Volvagia, the rocks that fall on the path will no longer be a hazard.

Once you reach the top of the trail, approach the left edge of the platform where Biggoron is standing. A short cutscene will play, showing Biggoron standing up, and you’ll be able to talk to him.

Obtaining the Prescription

When you show Biggoron the Broken Goron’s Sword, he’ll reveal that he can’t repair it due to his irritated eyes caused by a recent eruption. Instead, he’ll give you a Prescription and ask you to visit King Zora in Zora’s Domain to obtain the necessary eye drops.

The next steps in the quest involve obtaining the World’s Finest Eyedrops from King Zora and the professor in Lake Hylia, and then returning to Biggoron with the eyedrops. After a few days pass, you can claim the repaired Biggoron’s Sword, a powerful weapon that deals double the damage of the Master Sword.

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