Who Can Fix Things Underwater in Lego Dimensions?

When it comes to fixing things underwater in Lego Dimensions, there are specific characters and abilities that come into play. One such character is Robin, who possesses both the Dive and Fix-It abilities, making him a valuable asset for underwater repairs.

Robin’s Underwater Fix-It Ability

Robin’s Fix-It ability allows him to repair objects, including those underwater. This ability is crucial for completing certain missions and finding hidden items. For instance, in the Lego Batman story mission, Robin is needed to repair an underwater crab in the second area of the mission.

Other Characters with Underwater Abilities

While Robin is the primary character with the Fix-It ability, other characters have different underwater abilities. For example, Aquaman and Beast Boy can dive and swim underwater, while Cragger has the ability to interact with underwater cracked Lego objects.

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