Why Can’t I Modify My Vehicle in GTA 5? Fixing the Bug and Beyond

Are you frustrated with the “This Vehicle Cannot Be Modified” glitch in GTA 5? You’re not alone. This issue has plagued many players, but there are solutions to get you back to customizing your ride in no time.

Understanding the Glitch

The “This Vehicle Cannot Be Modified” bug can occur due to various reasons, including entering the auto shop with a car, purchasing certain upgrades like the ignition bomb, or even due to a game glitch. Whatever the cause, it’s essential to know how to fix it.

Fixing the Bug

One simple solution is to walk into the auto shop instead of driving in. This often resolves the issue immediately. If that doesn’t work, you can try waiting for a while, as the glitch might resolve itself after some time. Another approach is to completely destroy your car, call Mors Mutual to get it back, and then try modifying it again.

Alternative Solutions

If the above methods don’t work, you can try playing a different game mode, such as the Arena War mode, specifically the Bomb Ball job. This might help reset the game’s mechanics and allow you to modify your vehicle again.

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