Why Can’t I Repair My Weapons in ESO? Understanding Enchantment Loss and Repair Options

Are you struggling to repair your weapons in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO)? You’re not alone. Many players face this issue, but the solution lies in understanding the difference between weapon damage and enchantment loss.

Understanding Enchantment Loss

In ESO, weapons can lose their enchantments over time, which can be misleadingly perceived as damage. This loss of enchantment is not the same as physical damage to the weapon itself. To address this, you need to recharge the enchantment rather than repair the weapon.

Recharging Enchantments with Soul Gems

To recharge your enchanted weapons, you’ll need a suitable soul gem. You can purchase these gems from “Mystic” vendors found in larger cities. Make sure to buy empty soul gems and fill them as needed. The type of soul gem required depends on the level of your weapon: petty soul gems for under level 10, minor soul gems for levels 10-19, and so on up to grand soul gems for level 50 or VR items.

Alternative Repair Options

In addition to using soul gems, you can also repair your weapons at a smith or use a repair item from a general merchant. However, these methods will not refill the enchantment. For enchanted armor, you can use non-enchanted equipment or bring hammers to repair the armor and weapons of your opponents.

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