Why Does My Laminate Flooring Keep Shifting and Making Noise?

Laminate flooring is a popular choice for many homeowners due to its durability, easy maintenance, and attractive appearance. However, one common issue that can arise is the flooring shifting and making unwanted noises. Understanding the causes behind this problem can help you address it effectively.

Humidity and Temperature Fluctuations

One of the primary reasons why laminate flooring can keep moving is due to changes in humidity and temperature. Laminate is a wood-based product, and like other wood materials, it is susceptible to expansion and contraction based on environmental conditions. When the humidity or temperature fluctuates, the boards can shrink or expand, causing them to become loose and click or shift as you walk on them.

Improper Installation

Another common cause of shifting laminate flooring is improper installation. If the subfloor was not properly prepared, the laminate boards may not have been secured correctly, leading to gaps and movement. Additionally, if the expansion gaps around the perimeter of the room were not properly accounted for, the flooring may not have enough room to expand and contract, causing it to lift or shift.

Fixing Shifting Laminate Flooring

To address the issue of shifting laminate flooring, you can try the following steps:

    – Use a chisel and hammer to remove the skirting board on the side where the laminate board has moved.
    – Knock the board back into place using a hammer and tapping block to close the open joint.
    – Consider using wood glue in the crack between the boards to help secure them.
    – Ensure that any fixed points, such as kitchen islands or screws, have been removed to allow the flooring to float freely.
    – Check the subfloor for any unevenness or issues and address them before reinstalling the laminate.
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