Understanding Hull Repair

Hull Repair Options

In Elite Dangerous, hull repair is possible, but it requires specific tools and strategies. Here are some ways to repair your hull:

Repair Limpets: These are small drones that can be launched to repair your hull. To use them, you need a Repair Limpet Controller, which programs the limpets to target your hull. Ensure you have limpets in your cargo hold or the necessary materials to synthesize them if needed. This method only repairs your hull, not modules.

Deep Space Support Array: Some commanders have positioned fleet carriers with repair stations throughout the galaxy. These can be used to repair your hull, but finding them can be challenging, often requiring external resources like Google to locate them in a specific region3.

Whole Seals: This is a program that allows you to call in repair services, similar to fuel rats. They can repair your hull, but their response time and availability may vary depending on your location3.

Additional Considerations

Module Repair and Materials

While hull repair is crucial, it’s also important to consider module repair. Modules can be repaired using repair bots, which only target internal systems, not the hull itself. Additionally, some repair methods may require specific materials, such as Guardian materials and elements.

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