How to Repair Damaged Frigates in No Man’s Sky: A Step-by-Step Guide

Locating Damaged Frigates

Step 1: Identify Damaged Frigates

To begin, you need to identify which frigates are damaged. When you leave your freighter, you’ll see red frigate icons indicating the damaged ones. Fly over to these frigates and land on them.

Inspecting Damage Reports

Step 2: Inspect the Damage Report

Once you land on the damaged frigate, the captain will contact you and provide a damage report. This report will highlight the specific components that need to be repaired.

Repairing Components

Step 3: Repair the Damaged Components

Using the damage report, locate the damaged components on the frigate. You’ll need resources such as silver and gold to repair these components. You can obtain these resources by shooting meteors or scavenging for materials.

Avoiding Future Damage

Step 4: Avoid Future Damage

To minimize the risk of future damage, ensure you’re sending frigates on missions that match their profiles. For example, send industrial frigates on industrial missions and combat frigates on combat missions.

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