What Changes Have Been Proposed in South Carolina’s Marijuana Legislation?

In South Carolina, the journey towards marijuana decriminalization and medical legalization has seen a progression through various bills. The 2021-2022 Bill 335 and Bill 268, along with the 2023-2024 Bills 212, 3803, and 3561, highlight the evolving legislative approach to marijuana. Notably, the South Carolina Compassionate Care Act, detailed in Bills 3361 and 150, proposes a framework for medical cannabis sales and the associated conditions for such transactions.

These legislative proposals aim to amend the South Carolina Code of Laws, including significant amendments to sections like 44-53-370, which relate to controlled substance offenses and penalties. The intention is to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana or hashish, with law enforcement authorized to issue civil citations for possession of these quantities.

Additionally, the state has considered the opinions of its citizens on the legalization of recreational marijuana use through a referendum, as evidenced by a joint resolution sponsored by Senator McLeod and Senator Malloy. The distinction between hemp and marijuana remains pivotal in South Carolina law, with THC levels being the determining factor for legal classification.

For a detailed understanding of each bill, readers can refer to the South Carolina Legislature Online through the following links: Bill 335, Bill 212, Bill 3803, Bill 3561, and the Bill 268. Further information about the South Carolina Compassionate Care Act can be found in Bill 3361 and Bill 150.

South Carolina Marijuana Legislation

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