How Has Florida Progressed with Marijuana Legalization Bills?

Florida’s legislative journey towards marijuana legalization has seen significant developments through various House Bills and Senate Bills over the recent years.

In 2021, House Bill 291 marked an important step in this journey. This bill authorized individuals aged 21 and over to partake in certain activities involving the personal use of marijuana in limited amounts. It also established guidelines for the licensure of marijuana establishments and set limits on the number of these establishments in localities.

The following year, House Bill 467 (2022) continued this trend, further detailing the legalization of recreational marijuana. This bill reiterated the authorization for persons aged 21 and over to engage in marijuana-related activities, reinforcing the framework for licensing marijuana establishments and imposing limitations on their number in local areas.

Simultaneously, the Senate Bill 1696 (2022) played a pivotal role by establishing the Division of Cannabis Management within the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. This bill also prohibited the use of false identification by persons under 21 years of age for activities related to recreational marijuana.

In 2023, Senate Bill 1576 further advanced the cause, emphasizing the legalization of recreational marijuana. It authorized individuals aged 21 and over for marijuana use and provided licensing frameworks for marijuana establishments.

Amidst these legislative changes, the Florida Board of Medicine introduced new practice standards in 2021 for the certification of smoking marijuana as a route of administration, in accordance with Florida Statutes 381.986. These standards require compliance from all physicians authorized to issue a certification for the medical use of marijuana in a form for smoking.

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The journey towards marijuana policy reform in Florida has been a subject of extensive research and discussion, as indicated in a scoping review conducted in PubMed and Google Scholar. The review explored the evolution of medical marijuana laws in Florida, providing a comprehensive overview of the legislative and medical landscape.

These legislative efforts reflect Florida’s evolving stance on marijuana use, both recreational and medical, highlighting a gradual shift towards more liberal policies.

Florida's Marijuana Legalization Efforts

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