Estimated 1RM = 10RM / 0.75


Estimated 1RM = 10RM × 1.33

Why Estimate 1RM from 10RM?

Estimating your 1RM from your 10RM can be useful for several reasons:

It allows you to gauge your strength without having to perform a true 1RM test, which can be taxing on your body and recovery.
Many strength training programs use percentages of your 1RM to determine the appropriate weight for a given workout. By estimating your 1RM, you can more accurately plan your training.
Knowing your estimated 1RM can provide motivation and help you track your progress over time.

How Accurate are 1RM Estimates from 10RM?

While estimating your 1RM from your 10RM can provide a good approximation, it’s important to note that these formulas are not 100% accurate. Several factors can influence the accuracy of the estimate, such as:

Your training experience and muscle fiber type
The specific exercise being tested
Proper form and technique during the test

As a general rule, estimates based on fewer than 10 repetitions tend to be more accurate in determining the 1RM. However, the 10RM estimate can still provide a useful starting point for planning your training and tracking progress.

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